Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Back to Square One!

Hi and welcome to my new blog. 

You may have seen me before...well this is a new blog because I very mistakenly and stupidly deleted my old blog! I am trying with Google to retrieve it but I'm not sure if that will be possible. So I have started again!

Please follow me if you're new to me or re-follow if you're not! I need to build up all my followers again and find all those lovely blogs that I followed.

A Little bit about me:

I live in a pretty town,Tenterden, in Kent. It is also known as The Jewel in the Weald. It was a very affluent market town in days gone by, dealing largely with sheep and wool.
Now-a-days it is a busy country town, with a wide range of shops and is quite popular with visitors. 
We also have a steam railway, running from the town to Bodiam, East Sussex. As I'm writing this I can hear the train coming up the incline into the station now. It's not far from the back of the house, as the crow flies, and when the wind is in the right direction it sounds as though it is in the back garden!

I work from home three days a week, making soft furnishings to commissions and creating unique home accessories and gifts from vintage and recycled fabrics, which I sell in my on-line shop; on Folksy and at fairs and events.

I also teach soft furnishing and sewing at Adult Education classes and a private class two days a week. 

This is where I work at home, my little sanctuary, my workshop.

My growing fabric stash on groaning shelves.

My hard worked industrial sewing machine.

And this is an assortment of the pretty things I make.

Thank you for dropping by...

........more posts to follow soon.


  1. How lovely to see your gorgeous work room ... I am green with envy!
    The Patchwork Heart ♥

  2. Hi Debs
    What rotten luck! I do hope you find all your favourites again. Perhaps some of them are also following me so you will have to scout around a bit and see if you can find some (and some new ones of course). I love the new blog header its really pretty and those pictures of your work are wonderful. Such lovely things. Good luck, I'm sure you will soon have lots of followers again.

  3. OMG my heart goes out to you, I would be devastated if I lost my blog !! Never mind, everything happens for a reason and you'll probably end up with double the amount of followers before you know it :o) M xx

  4. Lovely to hear from you Debs..I wondered why I could not find you!What a pain to have to start form scratch again.
    Love your workroom,so pretty..I wish our summer house looked like that,it could do with some TLC...when Mr Boo gets round to fixing the roof.

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. Oh dear you.
    Good to have you back. Hope you find all your favorites .
    I should get in touch with you about soft furnishings . Where exactly in Kent are you????

  6. Hi Debs,
    Thanks very much for commenting on my blog and now allowing me to find yours. So sorry to hear you managed to delete your first one, how heartbreaking!
    Now my other half will be very jealous to hear you live in Tenterden. It's a lovely town we've been to quite a few times. We have a cherry tree at Northiam too though we're struggling to know when to pick this year as we're off on holiday. Love your little work room too...
    Hen x

  7. oops! Poor you, hope your followers all return but it could take time as blogland seems quiet right now - I guess its a busy tie of year.

  8. You sure make lovely things!
    And can`t wait to come back again to see more...
    Your craft room is a lovely place to escape and to create.
    And last but not least... I`m sorry to hear about your old blog being deleted!


  9. How annoying about your blog but I am sure you will soon have all your followers back again. I have just been browsing all your lovely things in your shop, love the cushions.
    Ann x


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