Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pretty Little Vintage Goodies - a tutorial!

I fancied a bit of a break from making sofa covers and Roman blinds yesterday so I replenished my stock of vintage linen needlebooks.

They are easy to make - I thought I'd show you how!

I had a rummage through my bin of embroidered linens and cut out 15 rectangles, about 12cm x 16cm with the pretty embroidery strategically placed to be mostly on the front cover of each of the needlebooks.

Then I chose pieces of vintage florals to match the embroideries, cutting it to the same size.

These are from various sources: charity and antique shops; Donna Flower; Sal's Snippets Shop and Rag Rescue. The vintage embroideries are mostly from my local charity shops.

I iron some woven cotton interfacing onto the linens, to stiffen them a little, then putting right sides together I stitch the linen and floral cottons together, leaving a little opening to turn right side out. I use about a 5mm seam allowance.

Turn in the seam allowance on the opening and give the books a good press with a hot steam iron, the linens are so robust they can take the heat!

Now top stitch all round, closing up the opening at the same time.

I then find coloured felt that will co-ordinate with the florals, to make the pages, cutting them out with pinking shears. Then I just machine the pages in across the centre of each book. I do this in a long line, not cutting the thread in-between each one until they are all stitched.

Trimmed of all loose ends, I fold each needlebook in half and give them a good steam press.

All finished!

Now all I have to do is photograph them and upload them into my shop and Folksy for all to see.


  1. They look lovely debs. I cant really sew very well!!

    But I think I now know what I am going to send you as a pressy:)

    Now must look up how I do this friend thingy.

    Thanks for e-mail.
    Michelle x

  2. Beautiful Debs! Reminds me of my needlecase that I made when I was 9 and still use each day!
    Nice to see you filling up your blog again! Are you going to sign up for my giveaway???
    Heather x

  3. beautiful, Iove the vintage embroidery x

  4. Just lovely Deb,I enjoyed reading your blog,you have given me some ideas.

  5. Look out for the Postie tomorrow or Saturday!!:)

    Michelle x

  6. I love anything vintage, especially embroidered items. :) Thank you for your comment on the Flickr Tea Pot Cozies post...I LOVED yours and had to post it first for everyone to see. I really love the little one for the egg! How sweet! I enjoy "meeting" new people on my blog and checking out their blogs too. :) Hope you have a splendid weekend!


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