Saturday, 17 July 2010

A smart new cover.

The sofa in my conservatory was looking a bit tatty, the old loose cover had faded and had water stains from when the roof leaked.

Under the loose cover it looks even worse!  At nearly 30 years old it's really seen better days, but it's useful and was the first piece of furniture I bought when I moved into my own brand new flat all those years ago.

It's a Habitat sofa, I bought all my furniture for the flat from there , and it came with a pattern for a loose cover, which has proved to be quite useful over the years.

So today I found the material that I bought in a Laura Ashley sale several years ago and made up a new cover and cushion to match.

It's only a simple cover, I usually pipe the seams and make fitted box cushions, but I followed the pattern this time and it only took me three hours to make from start to finish.

The only problem is I have to cover it all over with this.......

......because my little Purdy will not keep off the furniture.

Last week I had three loose covers to measure up and pin-fit for a client. Funnily enough one of them is a Habitat sofa just like mine, so I was able to more or less able to complete that one and just had to measure the hem.

I had to fit the other two though. I had previously cut out pieces for each part of the sofas and then I pin-fit the pieces together on half of the sofa. The client only wants very simple covers made, more like slip covers than fitted ones, with no piping and button and loop fastening at the back.

When I have finished pinning the cover to 'fit' the sofa I trim all the seams down to 2cm and then 'mark' matching points with little snips, so that I know which pieces fit where.

Once I have fitted the sofas in this way, I bring the covers home and cut out all the pieces to the right shape and size and sew them together.

All these covers are being made from white Linara linen from Romo. A bit scary, as I invariably prick a finger with one of the many pins I use in the process of making a cover, but so far I have been injury free!

A little tip to those of you who sew - if you happen to prick yourself 
and bleed onto your work, use your own saliva to dilute the blood on
 the fabric and then very gently dab, not rub, it off. Use more saliva if necessary
and don't let the blood dry. Once the blood has faded, let the fabric dry 
naturally and it should be left without a trace.

I hope to get these covers finished next week so when I deliver and fit them all, I'll post the pictures of them.


  1. WoW! You are a clever girl,that sofa is transformed! I have the same problem with our covers,and it's hard to keep Bella off as I have throws everywhere.
    Look forward to seeing the pics of the finished Romo covers..and be pricking your fingers you hear?!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Very nice blog!
    Kisses and regards from hot Croatia.
    Zondra Art

  3. Hello. I love your new cover. And the blanket is lovely too , looks great on the sofa. Thanks for the tip on the blood stains-will be very helpful

  4. Fabulous cover and blog! Love the new look sofa! Dog is really cute too!

    Jacqueline x

  5. Hi Debs! I am your newest follower.Your works are wonderful,bravo:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  6. Oh Debs!!

    Poor you loosing all your followers:( I have been getting excited cause I have 49!!

    To have nearly 150!!! and loose them:(

    I see you have a summerhouse to do your crafting. Does it keep warm and dry in the winter?

    I really need somewhere to do my crafting.
    Michelle x

  7. Love your workshop, what a lovely hideaway!

  8. Hi Debs - Many thanks for your comment on my blog.
    I used an exterior eggshell for my shop doors made by Farrow and Ball, in 'Oval Room Blue'. You can order on-line very simply, by visiting their website - they are an excellent company to deal with. Hope that helps,

    PS: I am in awe of your sewing skills...making a loose cover for a sofa is a huge project and you've been making so many of them recently!! Brilliant!


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