Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Another upholstery project-to-be!

On the way back from our afternoon excursion to Winchelsea last Sunday (see my previous post) we popped into Rye to have a quick browse around the antique shops - well,  I did, OH went and had a pint nearby!

First of all I went into this shop, full of vintage kitchenalia, linens and ulility china......

and bought all these linens......

They are all in pretty good condition with no marks, and I have plans for them - I just need to find the time.

Then I had a look here, (by this time it was about 5.45 and the shop was soon to close)

and I saw this......

Should I buy it?  I umm'ed and ahh'ed, and couldn't make my mind up - it was only £35 for goodness sake! Why did it take me so long to make up my mind? 
OH has told me not to buy any more chairs to do up until I have a) finished those that need finishing, and, b) sold those I have finished.....because "we have no more room for any more b----- chairs!!"
Anyway.....I told the lady in the shop I was really interested and whizzed around the corner to the pub to get OH to come, reluctantly, and have a look.

He'd had a lovely pint of Double Vision pear cider and so was quite mellow; he had a look over the chaise for signs of worm and loose joints and agreed that it was too good a bargain not to buy it, and it would probably sell on well - and then.....he paid for it, allowing the poor shop owner to shut up shop and go home!

We then had the problem of getting it in our car. With one back seat down and the front seat laid flat it went in on it's side beautifully, allowing room for OH to sit in the back behind me. 

It's a lovely chaise. Late Victorian, very sound with no wobbles. I had thought I might paint the show wood, but it's too nice a colour and the legs are so pretty with brass casters, I will just give it a clean and then re-upholster it traditionally (no staples or foam) and cover it with some Kate Foreman fabric, I think. 

Will I sell it on....well, we'll see. Watch this space!!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sofas and Cellars

 A couple of posts ago I wrote about making new slip covers for a client's three sofas. Well, Last Friday I delivered and fitted the finished covers and here they are......

Sofa no. 1:  before and after

Sofa no. 2:  before

..and after.

sofa no 3: new cover

I was really pleased with them, and thankfully, the client was too.  Job Done!

Then on Saturday, OH and I went to Winchelsea, East Sussex for a guided tour of some Medieval wine cellars. Sounds fun?

Well, actually it was very interesting, but far too involved to give you the whole history. 
Basically, during the Medieval period Winchelsea was a very important port and one of the original Cinque Ports. Wine from the continent was shipped into the port and then transhipped all along the south coast and up to London. The wine was stored and sold to merchants from the cellars - all 58 or more, of them! 
The cellars were built under the houses and we were able to go down into three of them. (Not all 58 are accessible any more).

Although few of the original medieval buildings remain in the village, there are some glorious Georgian properties (some of which were built as a shell around the older, medieval or Tudor houses). 
The guide was very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. I had no idea how big and how important a town Winchelsea was; now-a-days it is just a relatively small, but very pretty village, with a wonderful deli and coffee shop, another shop - "The Little Shop", a few pubs and a fascinating history.

The tours are organised by The Winchelsea Archaeological Society and are well worth doing if you are ever along the East Sussex coast.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Presents galore!

I've had some lovely packages in the post recently. Firstly I had a parcel from Michelle at Creative Crafting for being her 50th follower. She chose the gift very well  - lots of pretty ribbons and vintage buttons for me to use in my projects.

And a lovely handmade card.....

Thank You Michelle!

Then on Tuesday I received some lovely goodies from Heather of the Patchwork Heart.

We had taken part in a Shabby Vintage Swap organised by Karen at Tilly Rose. This has been my and Heather's first swap and we have been in touch regularly since being paired together, getting to know each other's likes and dislikes.
Looking at the wrapped gifts we sent each other, we share very similar tastes and ideas!

Inside the pretty parcels were:

.........a very pretty and delicate porcelain cup and saucer,  carefully wrapped and enclosed in this gorgeous box. Just look at the pretty toile paper lining. The china will look lovely on my dresser.

...... a rose printed tin heart with 'rusty' wire trim and loop. I collect hearts, so I'm really pleased with this.

.......then these vintage print napkins. Very pretty, and useful too.

.......some scrummy chocs. These didn't last long with two children hovering around!!

.........and lastly this beautiful sampler. In her card Heather said she had it in mind for me to hang it in my workshop. However, it will have pride of place in my hall - so everyone can have the chance to see it.
This is what Heather was working on last weekend, and it's so detailed, it must have taken her a long time. I love it!

Thank You Heather!

This is what I sent Heather:

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside.......

We took M-i-L for a trip to the seaside on sunny Folkestone.

Before I married, I lived and taught in Folkestone, and still go down one day a week to teach my ladies at the Adult Ed centre. But it's been a while since I've had a walk around the Stade and Harbour area.

We parked the car on an area known as The Warren and climbed down lots of steps to get to the prom along the Sands. Thankfully mum-in-law is a sprightly 81 year old as we did a lot of walking.
We walked to the Stade, which is alongside the outer harbour, where the few remaining fishing boats are moored. On the Stade  is the fishmarket, a couple of lively pubs, a cockle bar an ice cream bar selling locally made ice creams and a shell shop.

After going through the railway arches you come to the inner harbour area, where on Sunday there just happened to be a craft and produce fair. To be honest it wasn't that good - busy, but not very appealing. I have been asked if I would be interested in having a pitch, but I don't think I will, after seeing it on Sunday.

Hubby and mum-in-law headed for the Seafood bar. It's really popular and very appetisingly displayed. Such a shame I have a shellfish allergy!

Once the jellied eels, prawns and cockles had been devoured and crab claws purchased to take home we walked up, and down, the Old High Street. This is in the new Creative Quarter, part of the regeneration of Folkestone.

The Old High Street promises to be a pretty and lively place to browse and shop once the regeneration is completed, but at the moment there are still lots of empty properties that need to be updated. The newly completed shops are filled with galleries, cafes, interior shops, a funky retro shop, a 'posh' tattoo parlour, studios and a handbag shop and workshop, amongst others.

Back down at the harbour the tide had come in and the sun had come out.

The arches carry the old railway line down to the harbour. Sadly both are closed, but it wasn't long ago that ferries would go to Boulogne, and the Seacat too, known locally and affectionately as the vomit comet for obvious reasons!
The railway line had the steepest incline and was one of the first public passenger lines to be built by thousands of navies in the 1800's. The last train to use the line was a steam train, on a special trip in 2009.
I can remember seeing the Orient Express crossing the arches and swing bridge to bring passengers down to the ferries in the 1980's.

One of the few fishing boats was getting ready to catch the tide, and probably due to be out all night as he wouldn't be able to get back into the harbour until the next high tide.

The sunshine had brought the crowds to the Sands. Not that they have long on the beach - when the tide is in the sand is virtually covered right up to the prom. I must say, the water looked pretty chilly!

I took the scenic route home, along the coast road to Hythe and then cross country. I think we tired mum-in-law out, she slept most of the way home!