Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Another upholstery project-to-be!

On the way back from our afternoon excursion to Winchelsea last Sunday (see my previous post) we popped into Rye to have a quick browse around the antique shops - well,  I did, OH went and had a pint nearby!

First of all I went into this shop, full of vintage kitchenalia, linens and ulility china......

and bought all these linens......

They are all in pretty good condition with no marks, and I have plans for them - I just need to find the time.

Then I had a look here, (by this time it was about 5.45 and the shop was soon to close)

and I saw this......

Should I buy it?  I umm'ed and ahh'ed, and couldn't make my mind up - it was only £35 for goodness sake! Why did it take me so long to make up my mind? 
OH has told me not to buy any more chairs to do up until I have a) finished those that need finishing, and, b) sold those I have finished.....because "we have no more room for any more b----- chairs!!"
Anyway.....I told the lady in the shop I was really interested and whizzed around the corner to the pub to get OH to come, reluctantly, and have a look.

He'd had a lovely pint of Double Vision pear cider and so was quite mellow; he had a look over the chaise for signs of worm and loose joints and agreed that it was too good a bargain not to buy it, and it would probably sell on well - and then.....he paid for it, allowing the poor shop owner to shut up shop and go home!

We then had the problem of getting it in our car. With one back seat down and the front seat laid flat it went in on it's side beautifully, allowing room for OH to sit in the back behind me. 

It's a lovely chaise. Late Victorian, very sound with no wobbles. I had thought I might paint the show wood, but it's too nice a colour and the legs are so pretty with brass casters, I will just give it a clean and then re-upholster it traditionally (no staples or foam) and cover it with some Kate Foreman fabric, I think. 

Will I sell it on....well, we'll see. Watch this space!!


  1. I have one almost exactly the same as that,it now lives at my daughters home in Newcastle(Australia) and she is always telling me to have it back,think I will! I thought the linnes were just lovely,I have a love of crinoline ladies and doing some embroidery of one at the moment.What a lovely day you had the pint sounded good too. Carole xx

  2. Those shops look gorgeous Debs, mmm Id love to visit them! What a find you had, cant wait to soo the chaise finished ... I bet you keep it, its so beautiful!
    Heather x

  3. Brilliant bargain! We went into those shops earlier this year. I spent a long time debating over a table but decided we couldn't get it in the car with the boys.....

  4. Oh that's going to be fabulous ! I had one for ages then Auctioned it due to lack of space. Love to see it when it's done. Do you know much fabric you'll need?- I've got some largish vintage bits.
    Oh I added another vintage dress piccie if you are interested....

  5. We do the same with the shopping thing.I browse,while Mr Boo goes for a pint.Works out well,and when the other half pays..even better!Look forward to seeing the transformed chair.
    What a great stash of linen you found.Must have a trip to Rye.I know the shops you went to..down by the water..always great browsing there!

    Bellaboo :o)

  6. That is so lovely! Looking forward to seeing it all finished and re-upholstered! Congratulations on your finds! :) x

  7. Hi Debs!
    I cant wait to see yor chaise to finished...:)))
    Hugs, Biljana

  8. Wow - what a find. Just discovered your blog through entering barkcloth on Flickr and finding your gorgeous cushions. I know a lot of folk are painting furniture which is often ok - but a quality Victorian chaise - I think you're right.

  9. Hi again!
    Yes well spotted.That was the Sportsmans Arms at Amberley.
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend. :o)


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