Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Presents galore!

I've had some lovely packages in the post recently. Firstly I had a parcel from Michelle at Creative Crafting for being her 50th follower. She chose the gift very well  - lots of pretty ribbons and vintage buttons for me to use in my projects.

And a lovely handmade card.....

Thank You Michelle!

Then on Tuesday I received some lovely goodies from Heather of the Patchwork Heart.

We had taken part in a Shabby Vintage Swap organised by Karen at Tilly Rose. This has been my and Heather's first swap and we have been in touch regularly since being paired together, getting to know each other's likes and dislikes.
Looking at the wrapped gifts we sent each other, we share very similar tastes and ideas!

Inside the pretty parcels were:

.........a very pretty and delicate porcelain cup and saucer,  carefully wrapped and enclosed in this gorgeous box. Just look at the pretty toile paper lining. The china will look lovely on my dresser.

...... a rose printed tin heart with 'rusty' wire trim and loop. I collect hearts, so I'm really pleased with this.

.......then these vintage print napkins. Very pretty, and useful too.

.......some scrummy chocs. These didn't last long with two children hovering around!!

.........and lastly this beautiful sampler. In her card Heather said she had it in mind for me to hang it in my workshop. However, it will have pride of place in my hall - so everyone can have the chance to see it.
This is what Heather was working on last weekend, and it's so detailed, it must have taken her a long time. I love it!

Thank You Heather!

This is what I sent Heather:


  1. What a lovely parcel full of treasures you sent to each thoughtful!

    Bellaboo ;o)

  2. Ahhhhh didnt we do well! A lovely post Debs and yes Karen did so well pairing us up didnt she. I now have the wonderful job of finding homes for all my gorgeous treasures!Thanks again Debs and lovely to have a new friend!
    Heather xxx

  3. What a wonderful swap, I love all those things you sent one another.

  4. A lovely swap, you both did you research really well.

  5. What a gorgeous parcel to receive.

    Thanks for following me over at Buttons & Bows.


  6. hi Thanks for following
    I am doing my vintage swop soon it's been fun

  7. Hi Debs! I am so, so glad you emailed me. Yes, it sounds like we share the same chair fetish. I loved looking at your projects . Very inspiring.
    I got excited when I saw that you have a dog called Purdy. I really wanted to call my 3 child Purdy but no-one had heard of it and thought it sounded strange. I ended up calling her Talitha (Tilly) for short, and her middle name is Rose which makes her Tilly Rose,lol. What a conincedence when I see Tilly Rose blog on your post. (I am now following Karen's blog too).
    So lovely to meet you and I look forward to following your blog :o)

  8. Me again!
    You are one of the first three to comment on 'my pay it forward' post.
    Please email me your details and I will send you a little something in the post!

    Bellaboo :o)


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