Saturday, 4 September 2010

More Pretty Vintage Goods

I've been busy in my workshop today; sorting through my vintage fabrics and lace to make these:

pretty lavender hearts in linen and Edwardian lace, 
and gorgeous floral vintage fabrics.

Then I made these:

little embroidery scissor cases 
from some of my vintage embroidered linen stash
with pretty vintage fabrics on the reverse

Then I thought I'd make some for bigger scissors and shears:

with pretty backs too

I thought I'd get more done, but then my dear daughter came home from school and commandeered my sewing machine for her textiles homework!

Does anyone else have to share their tools and equipment?


  1. I don't know what to say, I thought your needlecases were just lovely and now you have done sizzor holders,I just love them.I have been going to our op shops after old doilies or tablescloths so i can make needlecases for Xmas gifts copying your ideas,i have a lot of vintage linnen but decided I could not part with any of it. i jus wanted to say you are so clever, i love your work and your colour choices,be proud of yurself you deserve it. Carole xx

  2. Thank you Carole, what a lovely comment. I too have linens that I would never cut into, they are far too pretty and precious, but the ones I use have a bit of wear or staining on them so I look at it as rejuvenating the work that someone, lovingly, took a long time to do.
    Good luck with making your needlecases.

  3. They are very pretty.
    Yes I do have to 'share' with my relatives and it coud well be clothes or shoes now my daughter is almost as big as me!

  4. Yes, me too. Even though I am quite a few sizes larger my daughter likes to borrow some of my tops and knitwear! She can't wear my shoes though, her feet are bigger than mine.

  5. OH crochets, so we share crochet hooks (they disappear quickly).

    I like your lovely scissor holders. Today I accidentally used my fabric scissors to cut sandpaper :(

  6. Oh Dear! your poor scissors. Woe be-tide anyone that uses my fabric shears!!


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