Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My bundle of joy!

Just a quickie post:
Which way is up?

I have just taken this photo, and it prompted me to look at Purdy's album from the two years that she has been a part of our family.

She came to us as a 12 week old pup, so soft and utterly adorable. 

We weren't going to let her on the furniture, or upstairs - oh no! she's a dog not a human , dogs stay on the floor - right?

Not my Purdy.......she is my shadow, follows me all over the house - everywhere! I'm afraid to say, she even sleeps on my bed all night.
Someone needs a haircut!

She loves a cuddle

and likes to cuddle me...

she loves the snow....

and the sea...

playing on the sand....

and in the fields.

Purdy is such a pleasure! It took me ages and ages to persuade the OH to let us have a dog - we are so glad he eventually gave in, though he wasn't that keen. But he loves her now and even comes for 'walkies' too!


  1. Purdy's a poppet, I love the photo's. Every night I've been looking for your lastest blog update. Tonight I was in luck.

  2. Yes, she's a dear little thing - fast asleep at my side on the sofa at the moment.

  3. She's simply adorable Debs! When our last retriever OH said he didn't want another dog...but(after a lot of persuasion) and one and a half years later... Bella arrived! :o)

  4. Aren't they the best , they give us so much love and joy !
    Purdy gets a big hug from our Miss Amy .

  5. Bella is gorgeous, and I can see she doesn't get told off for sitting on the furniture either! And I bet your OH has never regretted getting another dog. I think they just add so much joy to the household.

  6. Oh Purdy is lovely. I wish we could have a dog. We can't because we renting the house and landlord doesn't let as have a dog,so for now i am sticking with 3 cats : )

  7. cute!!...just come over from brocanteome. Your makes are amazing!!

  8. Aaaw - what a lovely pup! Looks like she likes getting wet and dirty too! Don't they all!
    I've just found your blog, and have enjoyed it - so I thought I'd pop by and say hello.
    Gorgeous x

  9. She's gorgeous! Our dogs are our children, aren't they? I love my little chihuahua, Shadow Dante. He's grown up with 2 cats so he's more cat than dog or human. (He plays with yarn and eats catnip, no kidding.)
    There's nothing like a dog for unconditional love!

  10. She is beautiful, you are very lucky.

  11. How gorgeous she is! I just love dogs and the loving and loyal relationship we can have with them. Im off to look at your lovely things now...glad to have found you and thank you for stopping by!

  12. Thank You Kelly, I love her to bits.
    she's the friend I can tell all my secrets to and they never go any further!!

  13. Another character who looks like 'Happy Dog' is her default position.... What a gorgeous puppy she was too!


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