Sunday, 12 September 2010

A yukky job!

It's not often I get a yukky soft furnishings job to do, but last Friday I had to work with this......

.....and I really hate touching feathers.

A friend has re-upholstered an arm chair for a friend of hers, but didn't feel confident in making the shaped box cushion in the black velvet the chair is covered in. 
So I was offered the job.
Little did I know what was lurking inside this stiff grey leather cover....

Lots of horrid, ugly feathers had worked their way through the inner cover and were stuck all over it.
The corners of the T-shaped cushion were just stuffed with wads of grey felty stuff.....

My friend's friend, did not want a replacement cushion so I had to use this one and make a new cover for it that would keep the feathers inside.
I used blackout lining - I figured that the feathers would really struggle to get through it.

I slipped the old pad into the front of the new inner cover. Normally I would push it into a back opening, but thought I would get covered in those yukky feathers if I had to force it through such a narrow opening.

Once slip stitched together the new inner cover looked great and slid nicely into the black velvet box cushion I had made earlier.

Now I just need to clear up all the feathers that escaped and blew all over the terrace!


  1. Yuck - I can't stand feathers - have quite a phobia about them.

    Recovered cushion looks great though.

  2. Oh dear-That is yukky. In the first picture it more looks like you are having a big bird there -not part of the sofa-bbbbrrrrrr
    But you done a great job on fixing escaping feathers

  3. Wow I'm impressed! Looks fab, I know what you mean about the feathers :) x

  4. I'm pleased the job is finished. making the velvet cushion was ok I liked that part, but all those feathers.....

  5. Oh gosh! I see what you mean! LOL. They are comfy to sit on :)


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