Thursday, 2 December 2010

Whether the Weather.....

.........we still have to take the pooch for a walk!
The very fetching cagoule I made Purdy last year still fits her, unlike some of my own winter clothes, and she very happily wore it for her walk this morning.

So we took a long stroll, receiving some wry smiles and some lovely compliments along the way, and all I had to do when we got home was to break the snowballs off her feet then wipe them dry. 
Without the cagoule she would have collected hard balls of snow all over her chest, tummy and legs, which she finds quite painful; frequently stopping and trying to bite them off. She doesn't have to be thawed out and blown dry with the hair dryer either!

Seasonal berries in the garden.

We really must get that leaking gutter repaired on the conservatory!

How have you coped with the first snow of this winter?


  1. Bet she upstaged her 'mum' in the style stakes in that outfit!

    Will you make one for me with the material I have from an old barrage ballon? LLX

  2. What a smart jacket! Bella could do with one of those.The one I bought her keeps falling off.
    We've had a short walk this morning and later I'll take her across the fields for a romp in the snow.We've got about a foot of it here and it's still falling! :0)

  3. In answer to your yarn question- yes it is the self patterning yarn - Sirdar Crofter.

  4. Stunning pictures !
    Purdy seems to enjoy himself with his warm jacket .
    It's snowing here too.

  5. hi,
    just to let you know my santa swap parcel arrived safe and well. thank you soooo much, i'm excited about opening it. i hoped you'd like the fabrics, all but the cherub one came from a old teacher of mine (who my mum knows) who recently moved into a home and gave my mum all her knitting and sewing things etc, we are glad they have found a good home.
    merry christmas to you all

  6. Beautiful piccies.. just bracing ourselves for snow here.. eek. Lizzie x

  7. Woken up to snow this morning, will get out with the camera later! xx


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