Friday, 7 January 2011

A new haircut!

No - not me.........


Purdy has been looking a bit 'wooly' for the last few weeks and I've been getting so impatient waiting for her appointment to come round. I certainly notice how I have to hoover and mop the floors more often when she's due for a hair cut.

Very fluffy!

But doesn't she look lovely now?

My dear little dog - I love her to bits!


  1. She looks absolutely GORGEOUS Debs! Isn't she posing beautifully for your pics? :0)

  2. And we can quite see why.... what a sweetie!

  3. The hight of designer hair-dos! Purdy you look gorgeous!!!

  4. Yes Bellaboo, indeed, she's a right princess, or as one of the builders working on the house next door said 'Purdy, you're a tart'!!
    Rachel - looking like butter wouldn't melt - she has her moments!!
    Annie, Purdy's hair do's cost the same as mine!! and almost as frequent.

  5. Hi Debs.She looks amazing- and looks like she loves posing too!!!! xxx


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