Saturday, 26 March 2011

Not just a pair of old jeans!

Readily available in any charity shop, a pair of old jeans provides enough fabric to make two or three fabulous items for yourself or your home.
Recycled jeans are cheap, easy to work with and come in all shades of blue, and black, grey or white.

I've used old jeans in many projects and thought I'd share a few of them with you:
A practical pinny from the front of a pair of old Levis
trimmed with a pretty frill and ties from a pair of recycled curtains.

The back of the jeans made up into a cushion, with the legs used for it's reverse
together with some funky striped cotton drill, left over from a soft furnishing project.
I rescued this old chair
...... appliquéd a topical Union Jack on a denim background
for the cover of the drop in seat
and gave the frame a paint job!
It now sits pride of place beside my bureau
 in my rather conventional sitting room!

A little scrap of leg from a pair of dark denims contrasts with the
 Liberty print scrap from a charity shop shirt 
on this pretty little make up purse.

The rest of the legs were used with more recycled Liberty print shirting 
to make this natty little cushion:
I used the leg seams as a feature on the front and back
and fastened it with buttons and loops

Another Union Jack cushion

And another from a pair of Levis
......with a useful pocket - for hiding that secret bar of chocolate perhaps?

And then another cushion with some yummy barkcloth on the front
and trimming the zip opening on the recycled denim reverse.

What do you make with your old jeans?


  1. Wow, I'm impressed! I now know what to do with all my old jeans, that for some inexplicable reason no longer fit. Some brilliant ideas to work on - Cheers. LLX

  2. Brilliant! If only I could get into a pair of jeans! :0)

  3. I am loving your market place, blog looking great! Well done!
    Heather x

  4. Wow, brilliant ideas - I especially loved how you used the jeans as cushions!

  5. Well, Lettice and Bellaboo, I can get into my jeans but I can get soooo much fabric from them when they are past their best!!

    Thank you Heather - you were up early this morning! Busy sewing already?

  6. Love what you have done.
    Wow it's great and inspiring.
    I love using childrens jeans (with embroidered pictures/motfs on) and make them into notebook covers.

    {Dab and a dash.}

  7. The pinny is my favourite as I would never have tought about upcycling jeans to a pinny! And I suppose you could get two pinnies per set of jeans!

    The chair is amazing!

  8. Great projects !
    I have made lots of skirts of old jeans for my 2 girls when they where smaller .
    Very inspiring Blogpost , thank you for sharing.

  9. Love,love the denim my favorite fabric for pant' I can save my old one's and repurpose them...thank you for the cute idea's. I love your blog. Come by sometime.


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