Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Granny's Garden.

My lovely Mum is 78 years young
and this is her garden.

Mum lives on her own and tends to the garden herself.
My 13 year old nephew mows her lawn and prunes the
occasional large branch.

She has a little green-house;

and grows a few veg and soft fruit in troughs and bags.

This is in her conservatory

It also houses a Bougainvillea, an Oleander, geraniums and
a huge Kaffir Lilly, which had twelve stems of flowers this year.

Mum designed and dug and planted all the borders
in her back garden,
and laid all the stones and gravel in the front garden.

I think her garden is beautiful, probably looking it's best at this time of the year,
yet it is interesting even in the winter with 
lots of evergreen and winter plants.

This is my favourite corner:

A little wren thinks so too - it has made a nest in the bird house.


  1. That's a lovely garden. I would like to sit and have tea in that favourite spot it looks really nice and well kept xx

  2. Do you get your gardening abilities from your Mum I wonder Debs? LLX

  3. BEAUTIFUL garden! Well done, Mum.

  4. WoW! Your Mum's garden is amazing!
    You must love spending time together there. :0)

  5. What an amazing garden, what an amazing lady!!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, it is really appreciated! Love Annie xx

  6. Ooooooo how beautiful! Stunning garden, loving your mum's green fingers! Kirsty

  7. Hi Debs. Just dropping by to say thanks so much for your recent comment - it means a lot. Your mum's garden looks great! I shall enjoy having a look around your blogs :) Rachel


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