Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sew good today!

I have, at last, found time (TWO WHOLE HOURS) to go into my workshop 
to SEW!

NOT for a soft furnishing commission,
but just for ME, 
so that 
I can start to fill my Folksy shop again!

After a rummage through my fabric stash
I found some linens and gingham 
to make a couple of bags.

Some recycled  linen printed with lovely
 full blown roses
 in browny pinks and zesty greens.

Nice and big, to take shopping,
with a stiffened base and
 handles long enough to wear the bag on
your shoulder.
There is also a zipped pocket inside to hide your purse
A nice lining too!

The other bag is BIG!
Just the thing to take on holiday to carry all the 
usual paraphernalia.

The fabric is a beautifully soft vintage floral linen
in gorgeous muted colours.
The back of the bag is in plain linen.

A pleated gingham frill tops the bag and 
the handles are nice and long to wear it
comfortably on your shoulder,
 or over your arm
(too long to carry in your hand though
 - the bag will drag on the ground - 
unless you are very tall or have really long arms!).

Lined in gingham, the bag has two handy pockets in one!

For more information about these bags go to my Pretty Bags page .

More sewing to show soon (I hope)!!


  1. GORGEOUS bags, Debs! And you made them in 2 hours?! Wow, turbo sewing.


    ps I remembered today where I learned about your Kitsch and Stitch Fair - I picked up a flyer from a lovely stall at the Country Living Fair!

  2. They are really nice. So beautifully made. X

  3. Lovely just right for summer. I like the pockets inside really useful :)

  4. Thank you, Joanna and Sally.I'm hoping to make some more soon.

  5. Lovely bags , and you must be really fast to make them in only two hours !
    I love your workshop !


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