Saturday, 23 July 2011

About time.......

I added another post to my blog! 

It has been such a while that I didn't know blogger has had a make over!

Now what to write about....a lot has been happening in my life, but I won't bore anyone with that, 
except to say that I am happier, freer and far more positive 
than I have been  for several years.

I am losing weight with Slimming World - over a stone so far 
(quite a bit more to go, but I'm really enjoying following their eating plan), 
and yesterday I had my short hair cut even shorter
and all bitty and spikey!

I have a big skip sitting in the drive, ready to be filled with detritus 
from the garden and various sheds
and can't wait to get started on some decorating too.
Son and daughter are now on school hols, as am I, so they are looking forward to
making a bit of pocket money helping me.

I'm busy sewing - working on soft furnishing commissions,
and making items to put onto my updated website and Folksy.

And I have made some pretty tiny bunting from vintage Liberty Tana lawn -
just right for the front of dresser shelves.
I kept two lengths for me and sold the rest at a recent fair.

(my camera seems to take lousy photos at the mo - everything always looks 
as if in soft focus!)

I love my dresser - the shelves are filled with an eclectic mix of plates and china - 
all pretty, none of which I use - just look at!

The flowers above were given to me as a 'thank you' from one of my students
at the end of her Adult Ed class. My favourite floral combination of colours is pink,
 yellow and acid green - she didn't know, just a good choice!

I was also given a large box of Thorntons from students in another class
and two handmade lavender and ribbon 'bottles' from another.
(camera is really playing up now, so unable to take a photo of these)

Can you see my heart shaped stones along the back of the dresser?
When on the beach near my mum's I walk along,
 head down looking for these and stones with holes in - hag stones.

I found these little pictures at one of our Charity shops this week -
 the first is a little print of a Faversham creek...

and this is a lovely little oil painting of the sand dunes of Lytham St Annes 
dated 1979.

I did get a nasty surprise earlier this week...

a £60 parking fine!
I went shopping last Sunday with my daughter, parking in the car park that 
serves HobbyCraft, Homebase, TKMax and a new Asda Home.
I didn't see that parking was restricted to 2 hours - 
we were there for two and a half and I spent almost £500!
Who would visit these shops and spend less than 30 minutes in each?
We were an hour in Hobbycraft, stocking up on
 materials for Tess's textile GCSE projects.
Then we ummed and ahhed over purchasing a new TV from Asda
 and had a coffee to deliberate over (we did buy the telly);
tried on lots of designer labels in TKMax and browsed the paints and wallpapers in Homebase.

Well I have appealed against the fine, and have sent receipts for proof of purchases.
I think it will be a blooming cheek if they still fine, me after spending all that money.
I won't shop at those establishments again if they do
 and I'll let their head offices know why!!

I'll let you know what happens!!

And before I go.....
I must remind you about this..........

Only just over one month to go to
 Kitsch and Stitch No. 2
See you all there!!!


  1. You sound so positive about everything..and WELL DONE on the weight loss!'s a constant battle with me.What a pain about the parking fine.You should be able to pay to park for as many hours as you want.I hope you get compensated.Have a lovely weekend. :0)

  2. That was such a lovely post, UNTIL I got to the part about your parking fine. I ranted about it to my husband and he's now ranting about it as he walks round the house. It's so unfair, and these parking eye things are so sneaky (but a cheap and easy way of generating money for the car park people, grrrrr). You are quite right to challenge it and quite right to boycott them in future if the fine isn't lifted.

    I was unfairly issued with a ticket at Bluewater. We appealed but they wouldn't lift it so we appealed to Bluewater management and showed them the parking space in question. They overruled the parking people and the fine was lifted. So if the fine isn't initially lifted maybe take it further? It's a risk because they haven't given you much time, but it was great to stick one in the eye of the parking people. Good luck!

    The rest of the post was delightful, and your dresser looks gorgeous. See you in September!


  3. I love your dresser too - it looks really pretty. Joanna commented on parking a BlueWater I thought it was all free I never check. I usually park outside John Lewis or the area nearest Carluccio's where is it that u have to pay ? Don't want a ticket - much prefer to spend the money in John Lewis ! or on food Sally :) x

  4. Thank You for your comments. Joanna and Sally - I thought Bluewater was free, or had you straddled two parking bays Joanna? My lovely Mum got a ticket in a sea front car park, depths of winter, only her car and another there. When she appealed they sent the photo showing her car parked over the line between two bays.

  5. great to hear you smiling Debs! Heather x

  6. Thanks Heather, have a great holiday. xx

  7. Oops, only just saw your comments about Bluewater parking!

    Bluewater IS free to park and I had parked neatly in a parking bay. Except when I returned to the car I found I had a ticket to say I was not in a designated parking bay - although there was nothing on the bay to indicate this! Aaaarrggghh! As I say, we fought it and finally didn't have to pay but it took a while. Since then we have seen several cars parked in this space slapped with a parking ticket - easy money for the parking company, huh?! If ever I see anyone parking there I warn them but I can't stand there all day can I?

    How did you get on with your parking fine appeal?

  8. Hi Joanna - I must make sure I park in designated spaces at Bluewater, don't want another ticket!

    I was let off the fine from Maidstone, after sending letters and emails. Thankfully, but I won't shop there again in a hurry. (Mind you it has to be done in a hurry as you only get two hours to park!!)


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