Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A new place of work.

From here

To here

I decided to move out of the workshop in the garden to a room in the house.
The room was a study/office and needed redecorating.

So I paper lined the walls, painted the ceiling, walls and all the woodwork
and laid a looky-likey slate laminate floor from Wickes.
Which, incidentally, was incredibly easy to lay!

As I moved out of the garden workshop, my son move in with his drums and many guitars.
Luckily for the neighbours it is really well insulated and pretty sound proof!
And I moved most of my fabric stash and sewing stuff into my new room!

I loved working in the workshop, but I'm loving working indoors even more!
The new room is light and bright, and I can look out onto the front garden,
 the road into town and passers by.
I can see who is coming to the door, get the internet, and work and
 keep an eye on dinner cooking at the same time!

My fabric stash is more accessible and looks lovely on the shelves

I thought I might paint all these Ikea storage drawers, but I found a
local hardware shop sold Fablon in some really pretty prints.
I used two different ditsy florals to cover the front and tops of all the drawers.

And made some pretty curtains for the window

Since moving in I have been busy making lots of goodies 
to restock my stall for our Kitsch and Stitch Vintage and Makers' fair.

Some linen make-up purses in progress;

Lots of gadget cases, Ipad and laptop cases

And some lovely cushions for a commission.
(more about these in another post).

Six more of these to finish tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations! What a lovely workspace. I always loved your shed but dont know how you coped without the internet out there! The ikea drawers are fab and I have shelf envy! ENJOY the last bit of summer :)
    Heather x

  2. Looks fabulous, can you come and redesign my studio, please???

  3. Colour me green....I'm drooling over both your previous and your new sewing rooms. What a lovely space to work in. Love your projects. I'm a new follower. Totally new to blogland - can't figure out how to add buttons etc. and spending RIDICULOUS amounts of timing following links...I'm talking DAYS. So I blame you and all of the lovely, helpful bloggers out there for keeping me from my quilting.

  4. Thanks all for your comments.
    Heather - I'm kinda glad that I didn't have the internet in the garden workshop. I'd never have got anything done. I should be sewing now!

    Janice - if it means a trip to the West Country I'd love to!!

    Annie Rose - welcome to my blog. I'm lucky to have the workspaces, though my son has rather taken over the garden one. I just store stuff in there now.

  5. Looks lovely - funnily enough I moved out of mine, back into the house. Even though I had electric etc in garden house, it was easier all round to keep my office space in the main house for exactly the same reason as you!

  6. I am so envious of your new studio. It all looks so neat and tidy and inspirational! I have to beat my way through boxes of fabric and hoards of haberdashery just to get to my sewing machine. Looking forward to seeing all in Cranbrook the weekend after next and another successful event.
    Julie Ann (Love Nest)

  7. You've done a brilliant job! What a lovely place to work.Loving all your 'makes'! :0)

  8. Thank you for your comments ladies.

    Julie Ann - that is just what the garden workshop was like, and if I'd moved everything indoors that room would be like it too!! My son is a bit disgruntled that he has to put up with shelves of fabric and boxes of stuff - sewing stuff and a doll's house isn't cool in his music studio/den!!

    And the room isn't looking quite so tidy now I have been working in it!!

  9. Hi Debs

    Your room looks gorgeous, what a lovely space to work in, wish I had a spare room so I could do the same. You must feel really inspired.

    Can't believe it's only a week until Kitsch and Stitch!

    See you there

  10. Hi Debs thanks for cooking that lovely supper the other evening and good to see your lovely sewing room in person. I am very priviledged ! Have a great weekend X

  11. Thanks Sally, it was lovely to see you.

    And I look forward to seeing you, Suzie, next weekend. I can't believe it is only a week either! Needless to say my workroom is no longer tidy!
    Red hot needle and burning thread springs to mind!!

  12. Bravo! What a lovely space. Love the decoration, colour, etc. Well done

  13. It looks really lovely - especially like what you have done with the drawers and files. All gorgeous.


  14. OOh what a lovely space, lucky you!!!


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