Thursday, 15 September 2011

Completed Pretty Goods commissions

One Roman blind - all 2.30metres of it, packed up and ready to go!

.....and this fabulous needlepoint cushion.

The needlepoint was very off grain when it was delivered to me,

so last night I pinned it to my work table,
 pulling and pinning it square and steam pressed it.

I left it to dry out overnight and this morning
 it was on grain and beautifully square.

I made some piping from the backing fabric and stitched it around the cushion.

Added a back, a zip and an inner.

Ready for delivery!

Monday, 5 September 2011

I have been making.....

all cut out and ready to sew.
Eight altogether - for a commission.

piping all made and ready to overlock...

overlocked and ready to sew on....

sewn on!

Zips sewn in.....

All sewn together.....

Turned to right side and filled!

All done!

(Cushion tutorial on my Sew Good blog very soon.)

in vintage and reworked fabrics
for the recent Kitsch and Stitch fair

Gadget cases....
Ipad cases

laptop cases....

and Kindle cases.

All due on Pretty Goods soon.