Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Hot and Sunny Sunday Morning Walk.

Sunday Morning - early-ish, about 8.00am.
The sun already quite high in the sky,
 and already very warm.

Purdy, in a hurry to get to her favourite place.
She takes no notice of the bullocks, they take no notice of her - just calmly 
munching away on the dewy  grass.

Organic pasture and organic, Silcocks Farm, cattle.

The Autumnal leaves positively glow in the hazy morning sunshine.

At the top of the field you can see for miles across 
the Kentish Weald.
The landscape studded with the white cowls of oasthouses.

Blackberries still hang like jewels in the hedgerow.

and rosehips, shiny red against the 
cloudless, vibrant blue sky

.........and then my camera battery ran out!!
The last hot, sunny day of our Indian Summer 
and I could take no more pictures.....

We enjoyed the rest of our walk though, and 
I came home with a bagful of 
lovely, plump blackberries -
probably the last of the season.

They are now in the freezer, soon to be added
 to Vodka  and sugar, 
to make a lovely liqueur
for the new year. Mm mm mmmm!!!