Monday, 19 December 2011

The Future of Vintage Fashion?

Have you ever wondered if the clothes we buy and wear now will be 'Vintage' fashion in 30 or 40 years time? Or will they stand the test of time? Is high street fashion made well enough to last that long or will the throw away society that we have become mean that it all ends up as landfill or shredded for recycling?

Dani, the daughter of a friend of mine has written a thought provoking blog post for a university assessment on this subject.
Her research was done in Cardiff, but it is relevant to other areas too.

Here's the link to Dani's blog - please read it and comment on it. She needs to get lots of people to read and comment on her blog as part of an assessment for her print journalism masters.

The post certainly made me think about the items I make.I use vintage fabrics, embroidered linens and handmade lace, but am finding it increasingly difficult to source and buy pieces at a reasonable price.
Charity shops, who used to almost give away old curtains, embroidered table cloths, tray cloths and napkins, are now labelling all things 'old' as vintage and charging a fortune!
And there is always competition at auctions, which then pushes the prices up.

I do think well made curtains and soft furnishings will stand the test of time and will always be available as 'vintage' buys in the future, however.The fabrics I'm often given for commissions are beautiful and the curtains I make from them will probably (hopefully) not be thrown away at the end of their usefulness - more than likely resold or given to charity.

But who embroiders now, or makes lace? In years time all the linens will have been sold and there will be nothing to replace them.
But then perhaps we will go bonkers for machine embroidered items and mass manufactured lace and trimmings!

What do you think?

Friday, 9 December 2011

Deck the Halls......

......well, the sitting room and dining room!

Always a real tree, adorned with
red and gold, a touch of silver and cut glass
and lots of tiny lights......

.....candles and shiny red baubles on the mantlepiece.

Fairy lights in the hearth

Christmas bunting and decorated twigs on the dresser...
with a charity shop pressed glass dish, loaded with mercury glass baubles from TKMaxx
and a charity shop decanter engraved with tiny little stars. 
Just the thing for my homemade sloe gin, and, when that's all gone,
the cherry brandy I made last summer. 

Gosh, I have had those twigs for over 22 years! 
they have somehow escaped 
attack by mice in the attic.
 Not so lucky, some years ago, was a faux foliage wreath - 
all the (polystyrene) berries had been shredded and eaten.
What did the mice find so tasty?

Purdy dog finds all this decorating lark soooo tiresome....

Purdy - you have no sense of decorum!

Monday, 5 December 2011

The Pretty Goods stall at Kitsch and Stitch

Saturday 3rd December - our third Kitsch and Stitch Vintage and Makers' Fair - a Christmas extravaganza!

Linda (especially) and I have been working hard at it for the last few months
 to make sure this fair was our best yet!
And it was!

Linda on the left and I'm the other one!

We don't charge an entrance fee so it is difficult to know how many came through the door,
but we were very, very busy throughout the day.

I gave the task of photographer to my lovely girl Tess, 
and she took 100's!!
I have edited and posted the best on the Kitsch and Stitch facebook page.

But ....
I thought I would post some photos of my own stall on my own blog!

Ipad sleeves, glasses cases, pot holders and coasters.

'Granny made' (by my mum) baby socks.

Vintage needlepoint made up into a bag, vintage embroidery needlecases and pin cushions,
vintage fabric and lace make-up bags.

'Granny made' baby hats - love the Christmas pudding beanies!

Vintage embroidery and fabric used for needlecases, pin cushions, 
large and small scissors cases.

Velvet lavender hearts, hand sewn felt hearts and Christmas mini bunting.

Recycled and vintage linen cushions

Recycled fabrics gadget cases

Further pictures, of all the other stalls, will be 
added to the Kitsch and Stitch blog soon.
(when I have fully recovered!)