Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January Monthly Make

I knew I would leave it until the last minute to do this post, 
in fact I'm a day late!

But I did make these gadget sleeves right at the beginning of the month, 

A pretty floral notepad sleeve, the fabric was a new tea towel I bought in town
and the blue one is a laptop sleeve - the fabric from Ikea.

The lining is the same in both - a vintage chintz with a little ditsy print.

I like the contrasting zips and fabric pulls.

I made these for me - though they might appear in my empty Folksy shop or my 
website Pretty Goods

You may think this is a bit measly for a monthly make -
 there are some gorgeous things on the Flickr group
but making is what 'I do' - all the time. Nearly everyday!

I have commissions for curtains, blinds, loose covers, headboards,
cushions, and even for covering bedside tables in fabric!

This is me, in action....

....all photographed ready to write a tutorial for making interlined curtains 
with handworked pleated headings.

Watch this space
for the tutorial in the near future.

Better get sewing!! (and writing)


  1. What do you mean Debs 'they MAY appear in my 'empty' Folksy shop'? Shouldn't you say they WILL appear? You are such a talented teacher & super seamstress! Please do the wash-bag tutorial. LOve the photos. Get the word out - don't hide your light under a bushel! Still bossy, even from afar!!!!


  2. Hi Debs your triple pleats are perfection! I too would like to see the washbag tutorial xxx

  3. Washbag tutorial under way ladies! Curtain commission to finish first though, I'm afraid. xx

  4. Your work is beautiful,no wonder you have people lining up wanting you to make things for them.
    I wish I had half your talent!
    Have a lovely weekend,I expect you'll be a busy bee! ;0)

  5. Thank You Bella. It's a shame you don't live nearer - you could come along to a few of my classes and learn to make curtains like these.

  6. Hi, I saw you on the Craft Blog UK LinkedIn group and thought I'd pop over and say hello. Your work is amazing and I'll definitely be coming back to read more!

    Amanda x
    Water Lily Wishes


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