Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Make a Christmas Stocking

Use my very simple tutorial to make your Christmas stockings this year. It is available to download for free!

Just click on the menu, then click download or share for the tutorial to open in a new tab.
You can then use the tutorial from there or download it to your computer to print out at your leisure.

 Let me know how you get on, I'd love to see the results.
Good Luck x

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Make overs! Number 1.

Well, it has been a long while since I have written a post
but have found a little time out of my busy life to put fingers to the keyboard!

There has been a few makeovers in my home over the last 18 months.
Firstly I made a very difficult and emotional, but life changing, decision, which has left me responsible
for looking after the children (mid to late teens so can look after themselves mostly),
and for living in and maintaining the family home and finances. 
But I'm now out of the deep rut I felt well and truly in and feel much happier and more 
positive as a result........

I lost nearly two stone in weight by going to Slimming World and felt great about that.
(though note to self - it will keep creeping back on if I don't go to meetings!!)

I moved my workroom from the garden workshop
to a spare room in the house that needed a massive make over.

 from this........................................................................ this
It's now a pretty light filled space where I make all my soft furnishing commissions 
and craft fair items for Pretty Goods.
I spend a lot of time in here working since having to increase my means of income.

And then there was the shower room.....
It hadn't been changed or decorated in almost twenty years and was in dire need
of a major make over!

It's a tiny room - was part of the upstairs landing originally - about 7.5' x 3'
with a shower, loo and washbasin.
The old peachy coloured loo and pedestal washbasin was ripped out, 
together with the old shower door and 6" square white tiles.
The son-in-law of one of my sewing students did the hard graft, plumbing, tiling, flooring, 
panelling and fitting of the loo and basin.
I kept the old shower tray as there was nothing wrong with it, 
but the peach loo and washbasin just had to go!
I chose inexpensive, but stylish rectangular tiles-
 I do so like plain white tiles!
and a wood effect vinyl flooring to go over the ropey cork tiles.
(we just couldn't get them off the old floorboards!)
A smaller loo was installed. And some MDF bead and butt panelling, all from B&Q 
I bought a new bi-fold shower door, a shower with all the
 workings hidden behind the wall (the old one was an electric shower with a pathetic spray)
A heated towel rail was fitted - we had no heat in there before, 
and the whole room felt damp and kept going mouldy - now it is warm and cosy!
I had the unit made locally for the new washbasin, which is like a little butler sink.
The tap is a bit silly though -  sold as a pack with the basin, 
when it's turned on the water shoots over the side! So it has to be changed - bah!
We just have to remember to turn it on very gently in the meantime......
Once everything was fitted I was able to do my favourite bit -
the decorating. The walls had been replastered so 
were painted bright white, as was the ceiling, little shelf above the loo, 
and the window and door frames.
I painted the panelling, vanity unit and door in 
Mizzle by Farrow and Ball.
I put up a vintage etched mirror and made a pretty Roman blind from

The kids and I are thrilled with the results, 
(though my son wonders why I have to make very thing so girly!).

I have also redecorated the conservatory after the Fire nearly two years ago, 
but I'll show that in another post soon.

Next up for a make over is the front garden, hall, stairs and landing, spare bedroom,
my bedroom, dining room, sitting room.................................the list goes on!!!
I just need the time......and money........
Oh well, best get sewing now to earn it!