Sunday, 8 January 2012

Show and Tell - students work.

Now that everything is 'back to normal' after all the festivities of the last two or three weeks,  
I can post some photos of the lovely work my Learn To Sew students
produced last term.

All students started the classes not knowing how to use their sewing machines.
They bring along an eclectic mix of machines - some have super duper Brothers and Janomes
others have 30 year old Frister Rosmans, and one student started with a 
hand turned Singer that was about 90 years old.

Students learn to thread the machines, change feet, wind a bobbin
and simple troubleshooting (always the tricky bit!).
Then they start a small project - they all made make-up/washbags
with a zip opening, flat bottom and a waterproof lining with all seams hidden.
This was all in the first 2 hour lesson!
The little bags were finished in the second session.

They then progressed onto lined shopping totes, simple cushions,
piped cushions with a zip in the piped seam, and then projects of their own choice.
I was really pleased with  their enthusiasm and their achievements.

Here are their photos.......
Above is Denise, a complete beginner in September.
She is showing some of her 'makes'. 
A cushion cover, her apron, and make-up bag.
What she is not showing are the PJ bottoms she made from a recycled sheet.

Norma started the classes in September 2010, so has now learnt to sew!
She has made loads of progress and loads of lovely items.
In the picture above she is showing her 'carpet bag' with the wooden handles,
a make-up bag, scissors case, piped cushion cover and a large set of hanging pockets
for her Granddaughter.

Nicole started with Norma and is showing her Advent Calender - a work in progress -
with appliquéd pockets, and lovely Christmas stockings, machine embroidered and appliquéd.
Here's a close up of Nicole's stockings.

Kate also started in 2010
and became the proud owner of a new Janome sewing machine soon after.
She has been a prolific maker - bags, box cushions, dresses for her girls,
and herself, a skirt for mother-in-law; has appliqued her jeans, duvet covers and, as you see here,
has made 'hundreds' of make-up bags and handbags for Christmas gifts.

Jackie is showing a few of her makes - a ticking make-up bag and a scissors case.
She has also learnt to upcycle charity shop items by altering skirts to fit.

I try to encourage the students to recycle/upcycle items and fabrics from our local charity shops.
They all do pretty well and find some lovely bits and pieces to use.

Sophie, below, finished off a pretty little smocked dress that her mother
 had cut out to make up for her when she was a baby!
Sophie made it for her little baby girl.
Sophie has also made several replacement piped box cushion covers for her sofa and
some matching piped scatter cushions. 

Sarah started in September 2011, so has just attended for one term.
She has really got the sewing bug and has made loads of items - bags, a stocking,
a room full of cushions, all beautifully piped and zipped, a pegbag and a draught excluder.

Harriet also started last September, and bought herself a spanking new 
Brother sewing machine after the first week! 
She's also got 'the bug'.
She has made bags, and cushions. The dog print ones (three of them)
were made for a wedding present, and beautifully made they were too!

Not all ten students were in class to show their makes when I took the photos,
but they had all made equally lovely items.
I'll do another show and tell at the end of this term!!

We start on Wednesday evening and I'm looking forward to it!
A bit of garment making this term I think, using patterns.