Monday, 30 April 2012

Learn to Sew, Show and Tell........

My 'Learn to Sew' students have been hard at it again......sewing, that is!

Last Spring term they made a plethora of fantastic items.

Nicole with her Union Jack cushion, machine appliquéd picture
and the owl cushion that she designed and made all by herself, at home.

New to the class, from January, is Misty, above.
Her first project was the frilled cushion cover at the front and
since then her sewing machine has been going flat out. 
She's made a fabulous selection of cushions and bags in class and at home.
I love the orange and white cushion below.

 Misty's friend and work colleague Corine, above, also joined the class last January.
She has been equally prolific, making cushions and bags.
They both have a good eye for lovely fabrics - maybe helped by the fact that 
they are employees of Laura Ashley ! 
The patchwork cushion is so pretty.

 Kate is really into making and embellishing clothes
for her and her girls.
Velvet skirts, appliquéd cord skirt and revamped jeans
are all now part of her growing wardrobe!
This was Kate's 5th term on the on-going course.

 Carol attended my Soft Furnishing courses for a year or so,
 but had to move to the evening class due to work commitments.
So she wasn't exactly 'learning to sew'!. She did, however welcome the 
opportunity to work on smaller items and learn some new techniques.
Carol has made a lovely assortment of bags using Lisa's patterns.
 The bag below is beautifully made from a lovely wool
herringbone tweed.

This was Harriet's second term in the classes and she's
showing a fab union Jack cushion, draught excluder and make-up bags.
Other items she has made - a door stop and other cushions - have been
given away as presents.

I have eight ladies attending the class this Summer term,
with four of them new to sewing. 
I wonder what lovely things they will produce?
Watch this space.......

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