Friday, 1 February 2013

A bit of wood work

I had to buy a new car last summer and it's a bit smaller than the old one.
 My new car 

The old car - and the reason why I had to get a new one - 
some kind lady in her Landrover Defender 
ran into the back of me as I was waiting to turn into my drive!
It was written off by the insurance company.


The display stand for my Pretty Goods craft stall wouldn't fit in the new car 
so I had to have a think about designing and making a new one.
 The old stand had two heavy 6ft+ high uprights, that
stood either side of the table and supported the two 
display bars across the top.

It had to be tied to the table to stop it falling over,
(it never did and was very secure).

The uprights had hooks all the way up to hang bags 
and other Pretty Goodies on.

I needed something that was lighter and more manageable
and able to fit in the car.
So I set to work with some 1 x 2 and 1x1 pine wood battening.

 All pieces measured and cut to size; sanded and drilled 
ready for screwing together

I am a dab hand with the drill, having put up many a curtain rail
or pole for my Soft Furnishing commissions.

One side frame almost finished - a few more cross bars to 
screw on.

 The frame will be clamped securely to my craft fair table and covered with
cloths and baskets of goodies.

 Time to paint the display.
A nice blue green from Farrow and Ball

 The display bars that will be attached to the uprights
are also painted and have decorative hooks added to them to hang
my lavender sachets and the Pretty Goods bunting.

It's a much more convenient display to transport now, 
lighter and easier to carry from car to hall too.

My Stall now - you can just about see the new upright.

I haven't got one of the whole stall though - something I must do at the next

Kitsch and Stitch
Vintage and Makers'

 Will you be there?
Come and say hello!

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  1. Good with the drill as well as the needle... Is there no end to the girl's talents!?!

    I'll be there... a must for every thinking, crafting woman's diary.



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