Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bunting Class

On Saturday 1st June I worked with four lovely ladies at the 
on the  'Design and Make Your Own Bunting' day course.
 Sue, front left, had some sewing experience, and embarked upon an
epic run of 19 flags with Happy Birthday appliquéd on them.

Here she is below, with some of her appliquéd flags.
As she can sew, she'll finish the run of bunting at home ready for her 
special birthday.

Friends, Rachel and Rachel (yes, that's right),
made their first bunting, also choosing to appliqué letters on the flags.
Rachel, left, used red felt to apply Maxwell to her flags. 
She has had a little experience of sewing and was familiar with her own machine,
but Rachel, right, is new to sewing and to using a machine!
She chose to make her flags lozenge shaped 
and applied 'Welcome' to hers.

They both did a great job and were really pleased with their results.

Pulane was thrilled with her bunting. 
She had her own machine, bought six years ago, but has never used it and 
wanted to get to grips with it. 
She made her bunting for her little boy, with his name applied on the flags.
She did a fantastic job for a beginner and is going to have a go 
at making some at home for her baby girl.

We had a lovely day, they were very enthusiastic and all did a fantastic job
- it was lovely to teach them.
  I hope to see some of the ladies again in September
when my new Sewing for Fun classes start.


  1. Lovely! Looks like we'll all be able to bring out the bunting this week now the sun's last!

    Bellaboo X

  2. They look great that was a happy way to spend a day of sewing x


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